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*St. John Nepomuk Catholic and School are not responsible for any needs or services offered. Please use your own discretion in exchanging goods/services. 

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Needed: Church Driver

A parishioner is needing a ride to 8am Sunday Mass. If you are able to assist, please call the Parish Office (405) 354-2743.

Job Posting for Myriad Gardens

The successful candidate is a motivated individual with an excellent customer services background.  Key responsibilities of the Ambassador for Myriad Botanical Gardens include; circulating among visitors and employees to preserve order and protect property.  Call police or fire departments in cases of emergencies.   Assist customers with event coordination and setups.  Must be able to lead both employees and contracted services.

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CPR Classes NOW Available

The first Oklahoma campus for RC Health Services, a Texas-based American Heart and EMS training facility.  Offering CPR and advanced AHA classes for healthcare providers and basic CPR and First Aid classes for daycare providers, teachers, parents, and anyone else who wants to be prepared! If you work for or own a business that requires employees to have CPR or First Aid certification, let us come to your location and bring the class to you! To sign up for one of our classes at our centrally located Oklahoma City campus, go to rchealthservices.com today! Use the coupon code SJN at checkout for 5% off!



What Makes Angels Special?

  • MIPS testing
  • Online training
  • Foster parent support groups & mentors
  • Volunteer support network
  • CPR/First Aid training
  • One child/sibling group per family
  • HALP therapy project
  • Age specific placement opportunities
  • Long-term homes with potential for adoption
  • Short-term transitional homes
  • Informative monthly orientation meetings


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2017 Honored Hero - Vincent


2017 Honored Hero for Crohn’s & Colitis


Vincent is a parishioner at St. John Nepomuk Catholic Church and was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease at age 7, after months of tests and doctor visits, including many specialists. Vincent had swelling in his mouth which could not be explained.  It worsened, affecting his jaw and speech. His dermatologist performed a biopsy of sores on his lips and sent him for a colonoscopy, which confirmed the diagnosis. Now 11 years old, living in Yukon, Oklahoma, Vincent is an active 5th grader at Independence Elementary School. He is a Boy Scout, a dedicated student of Taekwondo, an altar server for his church, a great son and a loving brother. Vincent receives monthly infusions to keep his health in check.

When interviewed once at the Children's Hospital, Vincent was asked why he wanted to learn more about his illness. He replied, “I want to be a role model to other kids and to let them know that Crohn's cannot stop us from doing what we love." Vincent refuses to let Crohn’s slow him down, though his illness can be inconvenient and at times, painful. He is comfortable sharing his story so he can be a light to others who suffer from IBD. Even though there are some challenges, He wants others to know that Crohn’s Disease doesn’t have to stop you from living a joyful and happy life. Take Steps Oklahoma Honored Hero Vincent Murillo is dedicated to finding a cure before his 18th birthday, so he can join the military.


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Childcare Needed - Chad Mach

Chad is in need of childcare for their twin 3 month old daughters. If you or know anyone who can assist them please call Chad at (405) 630-7919.