2018 Summer Reading and Math

Dear St. John Families,

In keeping with St. John Nepomuk Catholic School’s commitment to improving and enriching the reading skills of all of our students, we are excited to continue our required summer reading assignment for those students entering Pre-K 4 through 8th grade. We will also be continuing a Summer Math requirement for our students entering first through sixth grades. Summer Reading & Math Assignments were sent home with students today. All information and assignments are available below for online access.

Summer Math
St. John Nepomuk student entering grades 1-6 will begin using a web-based program, Mathletics. Mathletics is a targeted, rewarding and highly captivating online learning resource to power math learning from first grade through Elementary School. Your child is expected to spend a few minutes each day practicing math on the computer or iPad. Students can begin earning points towards their summer math total beginning May 25th. Each student who is expected to use Mathletics is provided with access codes that have been generated by the school. Access codes may be obtained by contacting the school office. Each teacher has specific programs for their grade level. Students entering grades 1, 5 & 6 will have teacher selected programs/requirements to complete in working to obtain their 4 certificates. All other students will need to earn a minimum of 4 certificates from May 25-August 13. These certificates may be earned by completing grade appropriate review content or Mathletics Live activities. Please note that only one certificate may be earned per week, and progress resets each Sunday.

Why is Summer Math necessary?
We understand that summer is a great time for kids to explore, play and develop. Completing math work during the summer hardly falls into a favorite activity for most students. The importance of mastering important math skills and fact fluency, however, cannot be understated. At St. John Nepomuk we have great success (as evidenced by test scores) in our students’ reading abilities. Parents often speak of the importance they place on daily reading. The reality, however, is that both math and reading critical skills that we as adults use daily. A student who attains greater math fluency enjoys a sense of confidence and more time in class to focus on the conceptual aspects of the lesson. Please help us give our students the gift of mathematical success.

Summer Reading
Students will also be required to complete the attached reading packet based on the grade that they will enter for the 2018-2019 school year. Directions and information are included in this packet and will be posted on the school website as well. The Summer Reading program must be completed no later than Monday, August 13, 2018.

Why is summer reading important?
In order for children to develop good reading habits and to grow in their ability to read and comprehend texts, reading must take place every day. To help our students meet this expectation, we will require all students entering Pre-K 3 through 8th grade to read and complete the corresponding assignments. Parents are encouraged to read with and to their children.

It will be the student’s responsibility to obtain his or her own books whether they are from a library or bookstore. Students must demonstrate mastery of the summer reading by completing the attached assignments (which will be discussed in class) to show their comprehension of the books. Some teachers have included the Accelerated Reader Book Levels to help you in choosing titles appropriate for your child’s reading level. This is noted by the AR BL following the title. If you need further access to book levels, you might try http://www.arbookfind.com/UserType.aspx for further information.

The assignments should be submitted to teachers no later than Monday, August 13, 2018. The assignments are considered part of the child’s grade for the first quarter of the 2018-2019 school year. Summer assignments may not be submitted late. Any student who fails to complete the entire summer reading assignment will receive a failing grade for the assignment. Any summer reading/math project submitted on or after August 13th will be considered a zero. The office will be open each Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 8:00 am - 4:00 pm during the summer. Please don’t hesitate to contact us should you have questions.

Click HERE to access grade level assignments.


Natalie Johnson