All About Mrs. Phillips!

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I have spent most of my life in Oklahoma. After graduating from Stillwater High School and Oklahoma State University, I taught my first two years in Duncanville, TX. I missed my family. so I moved back home in 1988. I taught one year in Oklahoma City, then retired from Piedmont Schools after 25 years. I have a total of thirty years teaching elementary students. 


My husband (Joe) and I have three handsome and beautiful young adults. Morgan, my daughter, moved to California in July 2016. She loves her new home and I'm so thankful that my cousin lives nearby, so that she has someone to lean on, if needed. My oldest son, Kiefer, is in his sophomore year at Oklahoma State University. Right now, his major is Psychology, but who knows what it will be by the end of this year. (His parents want him to go somewhere in the medical field!) My youngest son, Grayson, is a junior at Piedmont High School. He is finding out that AP classes are "No Bueno!" My mom, who is very involved in my kids’ lives and activities, lives across the pond from us, from May to October, and in Florida from October to May. My little kindergarten friends know that she is a "snowbird." My sister and brother-in-law also live in Florida. Needless to say, we love our Christmas gatherings in 83 degree weather!


One of my favorite past-times is participating in a variety of group fitness classes at the gym. I love outdoor activities and have zip-lined in Cancun, Mexico and Branson, MO, para-sailed in Mexico and Florida, and conquered the ropes’ course at the Oklahoma River (four stories high with a free fall.) I was a “Baseball and Boy Scout Mom” for over ten years and I’m looking forward to being a “Soccer Mom” again this year, cheering on my youngest son. My family and I have spent the last ten to fifteen years taking lake trips and traveling to various states to visit historical sites, amusement parks, and beaches in the summer. 


I feel extremely blessed to be a part of St. John Nepomuk Catholic School. I absolutely love my sweet kindergarten friends in the morning and K-5 Spanish/Computer students in the afternoon. I am very impressed with the high level of parent involvement here at this school. I was overwhelmed with the amount of parent involvement I had during our Cinco de Mayo celebration last May. 


My favorite quotes include, “Don’t put off until tomorrow what you could do today,” “An error is not a mistake, unless you fail to correct it,” and the original Piedmont motto, “Expect the best!” 


My goal in the computer lab is to teach my students to access knowledge efficiently and safely in order to enrich their classroom learning experience. I am working closely with the classroom teachers to reinforce skills that their students are learning in the homeroom classroom. 


The Rosetta Stone program, utilized in my Spanish class, will help my students to become fluent in Spanish. I have thoroughly enjoyed teaching my students about the Spanish culture including several celebrations such as Dia de los Muertos, Feliz Navidad, and Cinco de Mayo.


I love teaching because I feel a sense of accomplishment seeing students grow in knowledge, confidence, and skills. 


Robin Phillips

Kindergarten Assistant/
Elementary Computers & Spanish