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Being a member of St. John Nepomuk Catholic Church and having children attending St. John Nepomuk Catholic School has been a blessing to our family in many ways. We have the opportunity to be involved with so many wonderful programs throughout the year. Our children are nourished in their faith and in knowledge at school as well as at church. We are thankful for the opportunity for our children to receive a Catholic education that is connected to our parish. Through this blessing, we have made many lifelong friends and our children have made relationships that both nourish and encourage them to continue to grow in Jesus Christ. I am grateful for the hard work and dedication of SJN staff who continue to be role models for our family. Through the combination of church and school, our family is blessed to truly see the model of "Building, Bridging, Being" reflected in service. We see the fruits of this in even our youngest, in Pre-K 3, who asks to pray for his sick friends, be involved in acts of charity, and continues to come home with new knowledge about his faith. Our oldest, in 7th grade, finds new ways to be involved in the community through outreach and school House service projects. We see the rewards of the investment of Catholic education on a daily basis. I cannot more highly recommend the benefits of Catholic education in conjunction with the education our children receive at church and at home! -Rebecca & Mike (Alex, gr. 8 and Sebastian, gr. Pre-k 4)