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Saint John Nepomuk Parish provides limited financial assistance to Catholic families who may not otherwise be able to send their children to Saint John Nepomuk Catholic School. In order to be eligible for consideration, a family must be officially registered as parish members, be active in parish life, and be contributing regularly to their parish in the offering envelopes. The assistance is available for students in kindergarten through eighth grade. The form of assistance will be in a reduction of tuition and/or fees. The amount of tuition assistance given each year is dependent on the financial status of the school and the need for assistance. Assistance requests are considered in the spring for the following school year. To request financial assistance you must:

Complete the Tuition Assistance Application, which includes an explanatory paragraph that describes your need, available in the school office.

Attach a copy of previous year's income tax return (federal and state).

Return the information to the principal in a sealed envelope marked confidential.

An Assessment Committee will make decisions regarding the amount of tuition assistance. The principal will notify each applicant of the amount of tuition assistance granted. Tuition assistance must be applied for yearly and receipt one year does not guarantee receipt for subsequent years. The information provided will be kept confidential.