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Rising tuition costs have made earning a college education an increasingly intimidating expense - and the reputation that many private Christian schools have of a naturally high tuition further alienates such an education from students' prospects. Many students are unaware of their options when it comes to financing tuition costs, especially as it pertains to a Christian education.

Taking a step to alleviate this obstacle, has created a series of open-use guides to financial aid & scholarship opportunities for students, offering pertinent information on federal aid, state aid, private scholarships, and more.

You can take a look at this series below:

Financial Aid & Scholarships - 

Financial Aid for Christian Colleges - 

Financial Aid & Scholarships for Minority Students - 

Financial Aid & Scholarships for Military & Veterans  -

These guides are free for any student to use, but not all who could benefit from them are aware. You can help students continue to grow in their education and faith by posting a link to these guides on your website. Your link will make a difference for young learners and their families in your community. 

The first Oklahoma campus for RC Health Services, a Texas-based American Heart and EMS training facility.  Offering CPR and advanced AHA classes for healthcare providers and basic CPR and First Aid classes for daycare providers, teachers, parents, and anyone else who wants to be prepared! If you work for or own a business that requires employees to have CPR or First Aid certification, let us come to your location and bring the class to you! To sign up for one of our classes at our centrally located Oklahoma City campus, go to today! Use the coupon code SJN at checkout for 5% off!


What Makes Angels Special?

  • MIPS testing
  • Online training
  • Foster parent support groups & mentors
  • Volunteer support network
  • CPR/First Aid training
  • One child/sibling group per family
  • HALP therapy project
  • Age specific placement opportunities
  • Long-term homes with potential for adoption
  • Short-term transitional homes
  • Informative monthly orientation meetings


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