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The Archdiocese of Oklahoma City has a comprehensive Safe Environment Program. All teachers, staff members and volunteers at Saint John Nepomuk Catholic School complete the following requirements prior to working with your children.

-Each teacher, staff member and/or volunteer completes an application. This is kept on file at the Parish Office.

-A criminal background check is completed for each applicant.

-The "Code of Conduct" is read by each applicant and signed. The signed copy is kept on file at the Parish and/or School Office.

-Each teacher, staff member, substitute teacher or volunteer is required to attend a Safe Environment Training session, which includes a 20-minute video.

In each Archdiocesan school, our teachers of Pre-K through 8th grade are required to teach the Safe Environment Curriculum provided by the Archdiocesan Catholic School Office.

The administration and teachers of all our Catholic schools are committed to providing a safe environment for all the children entrusted to our care.  Prevention education within a religious context offers the Church an opportunity to teach the children about God's Care for them and about justice and forgiveness.

Archdiocesan Policy