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The Falcon Family Network (FFN) is an active organization of parents/guardians and teachers established to support St. John Nepomuk Catholic School. The mission of the FFN is to develop and deepen a mutual understanding of Catholic education by cultivating a strong connection between our school and its families through positive communication, the organizing of volunteers and providing of fellowship opportunities. The FFN is coordinated by an appointed Leadership Council and works under the direction and guidance of the principal.

The organization coordinates activities and other events throughout the year in support of the school.

Purpose of the Organization

  • To encourage the cooperation of all FFN with the Principal and Teachers of St. John Nepomuk Catholic School in furthering the Catholic/Spiritual education of students.
  • To promote the welfare of students in home, school, church and community.
  • To bring into closer relation the home and school, in order that all FFN members may cooperate intelligently in the educational process of the school.
  • To develop such united efforts to secure for students the highest advantages in physical, mental, social and spiritual education.


Any parent or guardian who has a registered student at St. John Nepomuk Catholic School shall be a member of the FFN. In addition, all teachers and the principal shall also be members of the FFN.


The FFN is lead by a council of members who work together as the FFN Leadership Council. The Leadership Council members shall be active FFN members in good standing with St. John Nepomuk Catholic School and abide by the school's mission statement, objectives and goals in furthering Catholic education. The council members are appointed positions.


General gatherings and activities will be scheduled and coordinated throughout the school year for the FFN by the Leadership Council in conjunction with the principal and the school.