School Handbook

Dear Parents and Students,

We have prepared this handbook for you as a guide to our school and its facilities and as a reference for information pertaining to student programs and activities. In addition, the official policies and procedures relating to the responsibilities shared by the students, parents/guardians, and school are included. These are an outgrowth of the general policies established with the guidance of the School Advisory Council in accordance with the Archdiocese of Oklahoma City Catholic School Office guidelines.

Please read this book together with your child. The handbook serves as a contract between Saint John Nepomuk and the parents and students.

It is a challenge to provide an environment that meets the goals of Catholic education and to enable a child to reach his or her potential. Our goal at Saint John Nepomuk is to meet this challenge. Best wishes for a happy and successful school year.


Yours in Christ,

Natalie Johnson      Father Rex Arnold
Principal    Pastor


Amended 2018-2019 St. John Nepomuk Catholic School Family & Student Handbook- Effective 10/8/2018 

2018-2019 St. John Nepomuk Catholic School Family & Student Handbook